Immediately after my last post I started a new job that has taken me away from my genealogy hobby. But lately I’ve had a bit of free time, so I’ve been enhancing my non-Baselice tree, adding facts and documents that were missing, such as census forms and ship manifests.

I recently posted a note on a Facebook page devoted to Baselice (https://www.facebook.com/groups/700487333325608/), letting people know about my extensive Baselice database. I got a few Likes (mostly from my cousins in America), but no inquiries yet. My dream is to have someone come forward and share their knowledge of the people who were born in Baselice after 1860.

I also posted a request for advice on how to find out if my grandfather’s brother, Noé Leone, died in World War I. I only know that he did not die in Baselice.

So, while I wait for these couple of seeds to sprout something, I was wondering if any of you have discovered solid links to your ancestors in this database. Let me know.