Hello, Baselice descendants. I have launched a separate blog where I’m basically spilling my guts on family tree research practices. It’s called Fortify Your Family Tree at https://family-tree-advice.blogspot.com.

I want to share with you the best thing that’s happened to the Internet for Italian Americans. The entire province of Benevento has posted birth, marriage and deaths records online for us to grab. They generally cover the years 1809 through 1942 with various years missing, depending on the town you look at.

All of my ancestors came from four towns in Benevento, so I’ve been going WILD downloading indexes and then grabbing records for my ancestors. I also intend to replace my Baselice documents with these higher quality copies.

The Benevento Archives site is http://antenati.san.beniculturali.it/v/Archivio+di+Stato+di+Benevento. When you get there you have 3 choices:

  1. Stato civile napoleonico generally covers the years 1809-1815. Select your town’s name and then choose from births (nati), deaths (morti), and marriages (matrimoni). You will see all of the years available. Look at the end of the birth records in any given year for an index. If you’re lucky, deaths and marriages may have an index, too.
  2. Stato civile della restaurazione covers 1816-1860.
  3. Stato civile italiano covers 1866-1914 in Baselice, but in my other ancestral town of Colle Sannita, they also have 1936-1942.

When you look at a document, click it to open a viewer that lets you see it much better. Then right-click that image to save it to your computer. This morning I grabbed birth records for several of my great great grandparents from Colle Sannita. I’m in genealogy heaven!