I don’t want you to think I’ve abandoned the Families of Basélice. There just wasn’t much more to add. Until now.

Some of you may already be following my Fortify Your Family Tree blog, which I add to three times a week. That site is all about encouraging everyone to follow genealogical best practices to make their family tree as reliable and detailed as possible.

While writing that blog, I’ve discovered some new things relating to Basélice. I mentioned the online Benevento Archives here in February, and I’ve been downloading every available birth, marriage and death record to my computer for further study.

My initial research used vital records from 1809-1860, but now I can go a bit further.

My plan is to create a massive spreadsheet with all of the raw data so anyone can search for what they want, click to link and see the original document.

This will take a long time, but I’m very passionate about it. Until then, I encourage you to visit Fortify Your Family Tree to keep up with my latest finds and recommendations.