An Amazing Genealogy Resource for Baselice

A moment ago, I completed a massive project that you will love if you are researching your Baselice ancestors.

Sitting on my computer are all the available Baselice vital records from 1809–1942 (with many gaps where files are not available). I’ve already posted a text file of the main facts from every document from 1809–1860. But the truth is, that file only included a little bit of 1858–1860.

Now I’ve created both a text file and an Excel file of every single available document from 1858–1942. You can search for a name and then go to the document image on the Antenati website.

A Quick Look at How it Works

For each group of documents (each year’s birth records, each year’s death records, and each year’s marriage documents) I provide a URL like this one:

That is not a working URL. When you find an item in the file that you want to see, simply replace that 00000 with the last 5 digits of the line item.

For example: 007850745_00015 Michele Arcangelo Brancaccio di Luigi & Michele Arcangelo Marucci di Antonio contains 2 birth records: (1) Michele Arcangelo Brancaccio, son of Luigi, and (2) Michele Arcangelo Marucci, son of Antonio. To go to this image, replace the 00000 in the dummy URL with 00015 from this line item.

See for yourself. Go to

Here Are the Files

If you prefer a text file, click this link:

If you prefer an Excel spreadsheet, click this link:

Contact me with questions, corrections, etc.

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