Vital Records

A sample of the thousands of documents I used to piece together the families of Baselice in the 1800s.

Saverio Barbato

The 1847 death of Saverio Barbato

Francesco Iampietro and Tommasina Leone

The 1819 wedding of Francesco Iampietro and Tommasina Leone

Marianna Iammucci

The 1856 birth record of my great grandmother, Marianna Iammucci


I thought some of you might like to have the text file I created as I documented all of the vital records. I entered the last reel of microfilm (1858-1860) directly into Family Tree Maker, not into my text file, and then I realized how much longer that took to do, sitting there looking at thousands of documents. Therefore, my text file is complete from 1809-1857. I intend to update this file, pulling the 1858-1860 facts from Family Tree Maker and putting them into text. The still incomplete file is at


10 thoughts on “Vital Records”

  1. michele nieves said:

    information i have is my great grandfather was born in beneveto italy pasquale marucci in 1864 – married maria colella and moved to newton mass in which he lived for 44 years

    • Michele, do you know if he was born in the city of Benevento, or could it have been the province of Benevento which includes the town of Baselice? Colella is also a name that comes from Baselice.

  2. I have been doing research on my Mothers family. My Great Grandmother emigrated from Italy to the US around 1900. Her name was Carmella Guizio, I think she was from Baselice. She was born in 1881. She was sent at age 19 to marry my Great Grandfather James Madelone, who I believe was from the same area. He was born in 1857 and died in 1911. She then married Michele Plevina who was born in 1877. Any information you could help me with I would greatly appreciate.

  3. Ed, which city did your great grandparents live in when they were married and when he died? I’m having trouble locating them. I was hoping to find a ship manifest that can confirm their hometowns in Italy. Guizio is not a name I have seen in my Baselice research, and neither is Madelone (Maddalena is).

    • Maria foglio said:

      Hi both my parents were born in baselice I am trying to find information on my family Michael petruccelli born in 1887 where do i begin??? Appreciate any help!

  4. Maria Foglio said:

    Are there any documents available from later 1800’s ?I believe my dad was born in 1887 I know so little and I don’t even know what my grandparents names are I really want to find them any help appreciated thank you!

    • Hi, Maria. The records I documented, that are available through the Mormon Church’s Family History Center, end at 1860. So 1887 is difficult. My grandfather was born in Baselice in 1891. I once had an Italian friend request documents for me there at the town hall in Baselice. I gave him my grandfather’s brother and sister’s names and his parents names, and this man was able to get me the sibling’s birth dates, marriage dates, and my great grandparents’ birth, marriage and death dates.

      But that’s a little tougher for us in the States. If you are not able to gather a definite birth date for your dad by using, I can do it for you. Write to me at I need some more details about your family so I can locate some more documents for him. If we can get his birthdate and verify that it was in Baselice, then you can write to the town and ask for his parents’ names. His parents are probably in my database…and then we could take you back several more generations!

      DiAnn Iamarino Ohama

  5. Maria Foglio said:

    Hi Diann! Thank you for getting back to me! Both my parents were born in baselice I know more about my moms family but next to nothing about my dad his name is Michele pettuccelli and he was born May 4 1887 I think i once called the city hall and asked for any documents and they never sent them 😦 I kind of gave up over the years but now my kids really want to know so my search is on! I was si so excited to see a site about families from baselice! I am thinking about emailing them but not sure where , any thoughts ?

  6. Patricia J Macchiarolo said:

    I found my husband’s grandmother’s birth certificate in the municipal records that you posted (THANK YOU!). I have the names of her parents: Michelangelo & Filomena (Colucci) Basilone. She was born on 7 March, 1886 in Basilice. Are there any searchable records where I might be able to find the names of any siblings? She married prior to 1909 and emigrated in 1920. Thanks, again.

    Pat Macchiarolo

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