So, was it worth more than five years of my life spent squinting at microfilm and entering data into my computer to get 16,375 names of people, almost all of whom are related to me through blood or marriage?

YES! It was!

I have finally finished transcribing every vital record (birth, marriage and death) from my grandfather Leone’s town of Baselice, Italy, between 1809 and 1860. Only by gathering every single fact and entering it into a database like Family Tree Maker could I tell who was related to me. The town never had much more than 2,000 residents at any time, and the vast majority of them were related, albeit distantly.

My one regret is that I was eager to export all of my relatives from my overall Baselice Family Tree file into my personal Iamarino Family Tree. Since I did that before finishing this project, for the past year I have had to make any edits, additions, and corrections to both files. I can’t remember why I didn’t realize that was going to happen.

Go to the Family Trees page on this blog to download the Baselice GEDCOM file for use in your own family tree software. If you have membership at Ancestry.com, the tree is there in a nicer format at http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/61798328/family.

If you have relatives from this town but do not have Ancestry.com membership, email me at diannohama@optimum.net and I believe I can send you an invitation that will allow you to see it.

So what’s next? I am continuing to fine-tune the tree. I’ve found a number of discrepancies in the documents that have to be resolved, plus I am tracking down some of the families that moved to neighboring towns. There are documents for them available on FamilySearch.org.

I want to let the Comune of Baselice and current residents know that I’ve done this work. If you have any ideas for publicizing this work, let me know. I hope we’re related!